Samsung confirms that it is also providing chargers for other future phones

Samsung confirms that it is also providing chargers for other future phones

Many people have talked about the lack of charger in the phone box Galaxy s21, Especially when Samsung mocked Apple for a similar move from the iPhone 12. We now learn that this approach will become the standard for a South Korean company.

In a Q&A on the site Samsung To the press, company representatives confirmed that They will remove chargers and headphones from future phone boxes. The transition will be gradual and Samsung recalled that it has contributed to the standardization of the USB-C port on the charger since 2017. Company executives explained the motivation for removing the goods through stability and “the pressure consumers feel when they receive unnecessary charging goods with new phones.”

Other media outlets have questioned the disappearance of the S Pen and Galaxy Note series. We officially know that Samsung wants to bring S Pen to more and more products Its or rather “on other categories of devices in the future”. However, no answer was given to the question of the note’s disappearance. For listings for the Note 20 and Note 10, they still come with a charger. On the other hand, Apple has started taking them out of the old phone box.

Samsung has started taking stuff out of its box and I have personally noticed that in recent years it has slowly covered-up, USB-C to USB-A and even S-Pen sometimes The pin is also left for the tip of the key.


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