Samsung Galaxy S21 open for reservation in US –

Samsung Galaxy S21 open for reservation in US -

Samsung galaxy s21 South Korea’s latest flagship smartphone is scheduled to be officially launched in the next few weeks. Recently, the above smart phone has been officially opened for owners to make reservations. Launched in the United States as the first country with special privileges when booking a device

The official reservation for the Samsung Galaxy S21 series in the United States is available through the website and application. Which is open with reservation for all 3 models Galaxy s21, Galaxy s21 plus And Galaxy s21 ultra Those who successfully book the smartphone will receive a special discount of up to $ 60 (About 1,800 baht) With a special drive to exchange the old equipment for a new one with a value of up to $ 700 to purchase goods (Around 21,000 bahtThe privilege will now run until January 14, 2021, or the official launch date of that model.

For Thailand, hope to waitOfficially launched on January 14, 2021. Before that special privileges and various promotions will be known. However, if additional progress occurs, the team will hurry to update.

information from: SamMobile, Androidauthority

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