Samsung has a great surprise for the upcoming Galaxy S21 launching event

Samsung has a great surprise for the upcoming Galaxy S21 launching event

Given that Samsung is a widespread rumor of its holding First special unpacked event next year instead of February in January, you might be wondering what it means for products other than high-end products Galaxy S21 handset family.

Naturally, the Neo Shank Tiny-Tiny headphones are also unlikely to have a Galaxy Buds 4 (or Buds 3) moniker, Galaxy Buds Live and Buds Plus was released earlier this year.
Unfortunately, the real name is not yet tied to the stone, yet we are hearing a lot of gossip about something being said lately. Beyond Galaxy Buds Beyond that cool-sound marketing label will be completed in early January 2021, people inside Sam Mobile are expecting general improvements to improve voice quality with the integration of “sophisticated active noise cancellation (ANC)) technology.”

When the ANC feature launched its original wireless Samsung debut on the Galaxy Buds Live, these overall mysterious stormy earbuds will help to adopt the traditional in-ear design instead of the unusual shape of the company’s first declining sound-canceling headphones.

In other words, Galaxy Buds Beyond will look much like before Galaxy Buds and Buds + while Buds Live borrows the best feature and improves overall audio dio quality. Ambient mode refinements are also in the pipeline and, according to the report Based on previous rumors, battery life powered by next-generation Wireless charging The case will remain largely unchanged from the excellent number of Galaxy Buds Live.
For now the price is in the air, but something tells us Samsung will be unable to go below $ 170. Let’s just hope the company doesn’t go above લગભગ 200 either.


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