Samsung may be the first to adopt Google’s operating system Fuchsia

Samsung may be the first to adopt Google's operating system Fuchsia
Samansug is believed to be the first to add Fuchsia OS to its devices (Photo: Reuters/Rick Wilking/File Photo)

for many years Operating system from Google, Fuchsia, that this 2021 finally reaches the devices nest hub first generation and Threats to replace Android And Chrome OS for years to come. However, little is known about the brands that may be involved in the project and adopt this operating system.

In this context, with effect from this 21st December, a alleged leak it ensures that Samsung will be the first to adopt it. it all started in the past May 2021, when places like 9to5google He claimed that Samsung is collaborating with Google to develop the Fuchsia operating system.

it led to the leaker dohyun kim Said that Samsung will use fuchsia in some of its devices, although this may only be seen several years from now, as they are believed to be still in development work.

Fuchsia, Google's operating system (Photo: Europa Press)
Fuchsia, Google’s operating system (Photo: Europa Press)

officially No technology company has reported About it, so everything continues as a rumour.

even though Android One of the most important mobile operating systems in the world, for Google It’s still a problem that’s the basis Linux and that it must surrender to the requirements of the GPL license kernels, For this reason, for five years, the company has owned Alphabet Inc., working on a system open source, i.e. ‘open resources’ which allows you to have full control over said platform and license it autonomously and exclusively.

This is exactly Fuchsia: a project built under a microkernel called Zircon, which, unlike Android, There is no middleman in its main code, What you can say is 100% google dna which allows the company to have a free and open source software,

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Now, while Fuchsia is slowly growing among the Nest Hub devices, every day there are more rumors that make sure that This new project will sooner or later become the replacement for Android as the official mobile operating system of Google.

Fuchsia OS could displace Android (Photo: TechBeezer -)
Fuchsia OS could displace Android (Photo: TechBeezer -)

for the moment, There is no official version of this hypothesis, but doubts are already starting to sink in as a reality in the programming world.

Also, Google does not help much in removing them. Although he never established fuchsia as his new ‘spoiler’, the truth is that there is more and more evidence showing that this statement may be true. An example of this is the recent call to work that Google launched on its careers platform, in which it requested a “plant software engineer” for its team. fuchsia tools,

Although a simple job offer doesn’t say much about Google’s intentions with this operating system, the truth is that there are two keys to it: the word “device” (device in Spanish) that explains the multiplicity of devices, Also the information that the company provides in the ‘About Work’ section.

Google logo archive image (Photo: Reuters / Andrew Kelly / Archive)
Google logo archive image (Photo: Reuters / Andrew Kelly / Archive)

From the first key it can be analyzed that there will be more than one device to which Google wants to add Fuchsia. On the other hand, in the figures about work There are several parts that support this thesis:

“In 2021 we sent fuchsia to millions of Google smart displays, now Now is the time to expand to smart devices additions and other form factors. Join us and work on the next generation of Google operating systems! One of the excerpts from this text is in which Google explicitly requests an engineer to support the expansion of Fuchsia to new devices.

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