Samsung stops LCD production – 6 months earlier than expected

Samsung stops LCD production - 6 months earlier than expected

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In Samsung, stood for production LCD panel Been on the edge for a long time. By the end of the year only one production line should remain. But nothing will come of it, how Korea Times report,

Accordingly, Samsung stamps its LCD production ahead of plan. already in june Korean company ceases production of LCD panels.

Competition and falling demand

due out early fierce competition from China and Taiwan. combination with falling demand Due to high inflation, the LCD business is unprofitable for Samsung.

Samsung has long begun to shift its LCD production capabilities to manufacturing higher quality ones QLED Panel (LCD with LED backlight and quantum dots) and OLED Panel It is expected that the final LCD production facility will also produce OLED displays in the future.

QLED continues to be manufactured, although based on LCD. The end of production of LCD panels in the Samsung range (and in a range of other Samsung-supplied manufacturers) will primarily affect cheaper TVs that do not yet use QLED. The end of QLED is not in sight at the moment, as Samsung is again offering only one OLED TV this year after a break of several years.

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