Satya Nadella: Satyanadella as the President of Microsoft

Satya Nadella: Satyanadella as the President of Microsoft

Washington: Significant changes have been made in the board of tech giant Microsoft. The current CEO Satyanarayana has been given more significant powers. He was elected chairman of the board. The Board of Directors unanimously approved the name of Satya Nadella to this effect. This gives him the power to set the agenda of the board. “His business acumen will help him to seize strategic opportunities and identify key issues,” Microsoft said in a statement. John Thompson, currently Chairman, as Independent Director.

Satya Nadella took over as CEO from Steve Ballmer in 2014. Microsoft has undergone significant changes since his arrival. Led the company towards a new generation of technology. The company has also worked extensively in the field of cloud computing. Along with this, it focused more on the mobile sector. Apple and Google are already working in this segment. Nadel’s responsibilities at Microsoft, which started in 1975, have undergone major changes. For a long time the company focused on creating software packages for personal computers. But, Satya Nadella has also led the company towards the mobile sector.

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