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Science: Science and Technology:

Scientists at the US Planetary Institute have recognized the possible existence of living beings based on cybernetic systems that have related properties. about this Reported In an article published in the Origins of Life and Evolution of the Biosphere.

Researchers have shown that the order in biological systems has a computational basis. Thus, blockchain-based distributed systems have properties that are common to living organisms as well.

Experts supervise a blockchain-based distributed virtual machine (DVM) consisting of thousands of nodes or computers – collectively, they act as a single universal computer that cannot be shut down. It turns out that such DVMs have characteristics associated with biological systems, including some functional and structural similarities between blockchain and DNA.

A blockchain is a data structure made up of units called blocks that are continuously “connected” to each other. In practice, it is an irreversible medium (since blocks can only be added), containing instructions in the form of computer code and replicating thousands of nodes, similar to nucleic acid molecules in cells.

Blockchain-based systems meet certain criteria of living organisms, such as environmental response, evolution, replication, and self-regulation. In addition, the researchers presented a conceptual model of a simple self-organization and self-sustaining distributed “organism” as a functionally closed system that would be consistent with all definitions of life, and in particular artificial intelligence based on neural Developmental technologies are also described. Network. Blockchain-based public virtual machines can provide an unlimited environment for the development of general artificial intelligence, capable of independently managing its own development.

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