Science Students Council – 5 justifies ‘theft’

Science Students Council - 5 justifies 'theft'
Following an uproar caused by the “theft” of lectures by professors of the Faculty of Science – Lebanon University’s Branch V, the Fifth Branch Student Council in Nabatieh decided that it had created a special forum for the council to download study videos for each Had started The professor distanced educational technology following health and economic conditions, with a less expensive Internet service, noting that these “videos” are registered and available on a university-approved “team” platform.

In a statement, the council was surprised at the positions issued in this regard, especially since it took this step in coordination with the branch’s director, Muhammad Tabah, and took permission and knowledge to establish it. He denied that viewing the shares on the platform provides a material benefit, as there is unlikely to be any benefit due to the fact that viewership on YouTube is limited and limited to subscribers of the platform. He said that “videos” are only available to registered students who have been approved to subscribe to the platform. He reported that the council had reached an agreement with the director to determine that they would contact professors rejecting this platform to remove their videos. “
But isn’t “video” a violation of professors’ privacy without their knowledge? The head of the Student Branch Council, Mahdi Tufayli, said in a call with «Al-Akhbar» that the directors are the main responsible for the professors and students and we considered that only taking their permission is a sufficient step ». Regarding the possibility of any university professor reaching the stage, he stressed that the issue was addressed, which was possible in the trial version, “for the final version, the video” available only to registered students Will happen.
The university’s legal sources confirmed that the university administration had the right to claim if there had been a breach of the cybersecurity of the websites, asking if the forum organizers had a way to build it, or if they had taken the technologies Has entered and has violated the university’s cyber security. As an intellectual property right for published material according to sources, it is exclusively for the professor.

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