Screenshot Battlefield 2021 leaked out

Screenshot Battlefield 2021 leaked out

The battlefield is set to appear with 2021 At some point this month, It seems that this also triggered leaks for the game, as the first screenshot of Battlefield 2021 appears to have been leaked!

Screenshots that were originally shared on the image hosting site Imgur (Had since been removed) Take a detour today. Find out below.

Tom Henderson, a reliable video game lover, also mentioned that yes, those two pictures are also the real deal.

Of course, treat these screenshots with a grain of salt, as neither DICE nor EA have confirmed this, but I have contacted EA to see if they have any statement on this.

While this year’s Battleground Games does not yet have an official title or release date, EA has confirmed that it will be released later this year and Criterion, DICE LA and DICE Sweden Everyone is currently working on it. In addition, the publisher even stated that Battlefield would join in 2021 “More players than ever. “

What do you think about the screenshots so far? Tell us your opinion in the comments below.

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