Screenshots, Online Status, Group Leaving: Changing With WhatsApp

Screenshots, Online Status, Group Leaving: Changing With WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the messenger service belonging to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s meta universe, has announced that it will improve data security for users. The three new functions should give you more control over your own data.

The company has been repeatedly criticized for not taking user data protection seriously. Facebook recently extended the window of time in which messages can be deleted. Now even more different:

Leave status, group and screenshot

Now even more different:

  • In the future, as a user, you can specify who online status can see. This is a display of whether you are currently “online”. Now you will be able to specify who can see whether you are currently online or not.
  • groups can still secretly left. If you leave a group, only the group administrator will be notified in the future.
  • Media that was sent for viewing only once, may in future no screenshot more to be done. Single-view media are images, videos, or sound recordings that can only be played once. It is currently being tested.

Online status and group leave features for users should already be available in August.

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