Second AI day at Tesla maybe with robot prototypes >

tesla humoider roboter optimus ai day daten

As if Tesla didn’t have enough open manufacturing sites (and with factory work going on in China, Germany, and the United States, sometimes even literally), CEO Elon Musk also announced a completely new build last August. Announced product range expansion: on AI Tag He presented plans for a humanoid robot (see photo), which is a tedious task for people. He promised a prototype for this year, and it could be ready by the end of September, as Musk has now announced via Twitter.

Tesla robot top priority

The Tesla robot announcement in August 2021 came as a surprise, and many observers found it hard to get used to. However, Musk said this January without fear that the humanoid helper, now known as Optimus, has a top priority in product development in 2022 and Electric cars may be more important to Tesla, In April, he reiterated this and specified that the robot could be worth even more than the FSD autopilot software for autonomous driving of the future, which in turn is said to be worth far more than the electric car business.

So, according to Musk, there’s a lot of business to get into here — and for humanity, with the hordes of robots, a “very age” in which the laws of economics are no longer valid, as they say. Said at the opening of Tesla’s Texas factory in April, A little later, they announced the second AI Day in mid-August, with lots of “cool updates” and previews of Optimus. The Tesla boss has now postponed this date by six weeks – but then wants to present a prototype of the robot.

The second AI Day at Tesla will be on September 30 instead of August 17, Musk wrote on Twitter on Friday without asking. He immediately explained the reason: “Because by then we may have a working Optimus prototype”. only after May Talked about the planned preview of the robot This shows that Musk has increased confidence in his development progress – even though he has now given himself and his team an extra six weeks until the next big day.

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Musk announces ‘epic’ second AI Day

The second AI day will certainly be “epic,” the Tesla CEO said in another Twitter message. When asked if the prototype would look like the functional dolls shown so far, he replied no. At least a new outer shell for the robot should be available by the end of September, and perhaps some functions and more concrete information. In doing so, Musk hopes to be able to make more use of artificial intelligence for the autopilot system, which, according to his description, has to make sense of the real world almost anyway. Of However, the road to autonomous driving has taken too long at TeslaAs promised by them, so that the robot can disappoint even the hopes of quick success with it.


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