Security Force: Two thieves arrested in Chiahu

Security Force: Two thieves arrested in Chiahu

The General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces – Public Relations Department issued the following statement: “On June 29, 2021, they claimed for the Shia faction in the regional gendarmerie unit, civilian (Bibi, born 1981), that an unidentified person, breaking And by eviction, an amount was stolen from Mali, its value is estimated at 4 / thousand US dollars and / 50 / million LBP. to. from inside his house located in the area of ​​Ain al-Remmaneh.

On the same date, a woman citizen also came to the center of the above faction and claimed that she had deposited an amount, at an earlier date, with her friend (BB), i.e. the first plaintiff. It is believed that his house was robbed.

Based on the foregoing, the house of the latter was raided and the stolen money was confiscated, and (BB) was arrested.

Interrogating him, he confesses that the plaintiff had given him money to keep as a trust in his house, so he planned to confiscate it, invited him to dinner, and sent it to his friend: (MJ , born 1996, Lebanese), for stealing money from the house, breaking and stripping it, in exchange for giving him an amount of /8/million LBP. To. To carry out the operation, then claimed that his house had been robbed, trying to clear doubts from him. MJ. was also arrested and confessed to what he was held responsible for.

The amount was returned to the plaintiff, and the prisoners were deposited with the competent judiciary based on their reference. “

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