Security in Jalisco: Freedom denied Guadalajara police found dead

Security in Jalisco: Freedom denied Guadalajara police found dead

On this Tuesday, the State Attorney, Gerardo Octavio Solis, police confirmed the discovery of the body of Mario Alberto Villa Ars Last Sunday, the Jardins were deprived of freedom in the Alkalad neighborhood, in which their son was also shot.

Guadalajara police said, Found inside a safe house located in the neighborhood of Ladron de Guevara, In Guadalajara.

“During the morning and last night we worked in this area and in another area of ​​the city, where we anticipated there was a safe house where they could be held captive. The person from the prosecutor’s office made. A farm address. Applying which is located here at a distance of about 20 meters and in the interior, unfortunately, the body of a man that matches his characteristics and in quick identification by his relatives by physical identification and photography with his partner, they tell us this. Is about the person, ”Solis Gomez explained.

Added him National Guard soldiers also took part in the search operation And he elaborated that the property located at the intersection of Aurelio L. Gallardo and Reforma Streets would be insured in search of more evidence that would help locate the whereabouts of those responsible for this crime. Some matches and boards were also found inside the farm; There were not much victims inside. “We are going to continue the search because we still have some other farms under review,” he said.

The house where the body of Villa Arès was found was apparently rented, and it had arrived for the place, in the garage, with the characteristics of the carriage in which it was deprived of freedom that day. After the signs have been determined, a possible lease will be investigated.

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“Neighbors scoff, of course they are afraid, it makes sense, we are not pressuring anybody, we know how to work with and without data and we know that with the support of people How to work with and without, the important thing is that we already found a partner, “he said.”

Solis Gomez said the officer suffered a leg injury, possibly due to the day he was deprived of his freedom.

Solis Gomez confirmed at a press conference, before locating the body of Villa Ars The officer participated in the confrontation at Agility Colony In which three alleged criminals were killed and 33 people were arrested and presented before the public ministry.

In this regard, he said, a security order is given to the officials participating in such events, and Denied that the perpetrators had made a mistake to find the policeman’s address, Because the inquiry folder does not include your home address, but the corporation you are in.

Along with Alberto Villa Ars, killed in Jalisco so far this year are seven police officers and agents in charge of security. The last record is his Domingo MacedaThe element of the state police killed Teppatilan in a neighborhood in the Jepantines de la Rivara neighborhood on April 29, after a confrontation in the municipality, while carrying out an operation with his fellow unit members to identify the stolen vehicles He was also injured.



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