Self-driving car blocks the way to the fire brigade scene

Self-driving car blocks the way to the fire brigade scene

© Reuters / Eliza Novelas

Sirens started ringing at the fire station at four o’clock in the morning. A fire engine came out. The truck wanted to overtake a garbage truck that was just parked in an oncoming street. But from there came a self-driving car cruise opposite.

It was on the road without a safety driver and stopped. A human driver would have pushed back into position to make room for the fire truck. But the cruise car didn’t work. The fire brigade could only move forward when the rag pickers noticed the problem, abandoned the dumper and ran towards their car to make way for the fire brigade.

The fire caused personal injury and property damage

The incident occurred in early April, as wired informed of. He became known because a report written by San Francisco city officials has now become public: “The incident slowed the arrival of the fire department causing personal injury and property damage.” According to the report, the fire department is also concerned that cruise cars often get stuck in the lane, which has a negative impact on arrival at the scene.

Cruise has responded to the report. According to one assessment, the vehicle must have behaved correctly. it would stop and contact the head office so that an employee remote controlled acquisition. This was not necessary as the fire brigade was able to pass the self-driving car only 25 seconds after it was parked in front of the vehicle. They work closely with emergency services and are in contact with the fire department regarding the incident.

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cruise car shooed away by police

was still in april 2 more incidents with cruise. First, the car drove down a road leading to a construction site, stopped at a zebra crossing and Traffic blocked for 5 minutes, wanted in the second incident Police officers control over driverless car, which went away from them. Incident captured on video:

In San Francisco, there are currently self-driving cars 3 companies on the road In addition to Cruze (General Motors), these are Waymo (Google spin-off) and zoox (Amazon). The cruise is in the process of applying for a license to charge for driverless cruises. Currently only selected beta testers are allowed to use cars without a safety driver 11 pm to 5 am And only west of San Francisco because there is less traffic.

With the new license, these rules will remain in place, but the cruise may charge users for trips. It will be the first company in California to offer a commercial, driverless ride-hailing service.


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