Senate members reported on alleged hacking of their cell phones

Senate members reported on alleged hacking of their cell phones
View of a session of the Senate of the Republic in Mexico City (Mexico). EFE / Mario Guzman / Archive

This Sunday, 8 August, it was announced that Members of the Senate of the Republic condemned the alleged hacking of their cell phones.

The victims raised their voices and expressed their views through social networks. we refer to Salomon Zara, former Vice President of the Senate; Kenya López, Deputy Coordinator for PAN Senators and Manuel Enorve, Deputy Coordinator for PRI Senators.

was the first to publicize the matter Kenya Lopez, who alerted her followers, friends and family from the first hours.

“I don’t have WhatsApp, I opened my cell phone and it locked me out of the application. They are telling me that messages are coming from my phone. If you receive any message please ignore. I’ll report it here as soon as I restore it. Thank you very much,” Lopez wrote on her Twitter account.

Later, he continued to share his case and explained the modus operandi of the alleged hack. “They changed my WhatsApp to business account at 6 am. Ignore the alleged messages on my phone. Looks like it will take 9 hours to delete my WhatsApp from people who have it,” he said.

“I still can’t get my whatsapp back now it says they double checked it means whoever stole it received the code please if you receive any message from my cell phone Is Do not open it or ignore it. I will inform you as soon as I get my WhatsApp back”, he concluded.

Kenia López Rabadán (Photo: Cuartocuro)
Kenia López Rabadán (Photo: Cuartocuro)

was next Solomon, who used his social network to denounce the fact and report that he was already working to recover his account,

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“Unfortunately they hacked my cell phone number, so I ask to ignore any messages they may have received via WhatsApp or any other means. We’re trying to fix the problem, it’s a shame. I will inform you about this situation,” wrote Zara on Twitter.

“I inform you that today my phone was hacked, so that ignore any message for money or any other work, cyber police is already handling the matter and we will notify him or the people responsible. Hope to find you,” Enorve wrote in its official network.

(Photo: Twitter @salomonj)
(Photo: Twitter @salomonj)

not isolated case

elected federal deputy, Margaret Zavala, announced that his cell phone was hacked. what’s more, People close to him have said that the number, as a cell phone and with the WhatsApp messaging application, it is tried to carry out alleged fraud and extortion. Then they ask all the people to contact with the policy number, ignore it.

“They have informed me that they are sending messages from my WhatsApp number. This is a complete lie. I’m fine, but my account was completely hacked,” the wife of former President Felipe Calderón said via her Twitter account.

Photo: infobay.
Photo: infobay.

In an interview with journalist Azusena Uresti for Radio Formula, Zavala said that he was using his cell phone to extort money and demand money.

Even Margarita Zavala said that she was surprised to learn that her acquaintances and close people were asking for 35 thousand pesos.

The former first lady of Mexico said she was concerned and the situation was complicated when it was said that Operation Pegasus was an espionage program.

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