“Shocked” by China’s space achievements, NASA urges US to take action. Latest News 24 Hours – Read Lao Dong Newspaper Online

New director NASA Urge America to try to act in the context that China has achieved new achievements in space.

New NASA Director Bill Nelson Reveals New Achievements of NASA China In space during its first hearing in office before Congress on May 19, Space reported.

“I want you to see this picture … it is Chinese mars rover Landed on the red planet and sent this image back last night … I think it adds a new element to determine if we want to seriously work on bringing humans back to the surface. Moon or not, “- Mr. Nelson told Parliament via video connection.

Nelson insisted that China became the second country after the US to successfully land a rover on Mars, and also reiterated that Beijing is preparing to land three rovers in the Southern Hemisphere. The moon.

“It will take us two or three years to get a very small device to land on it,” said the head of the US space agency.

America announced that it has implemented a program called Artemis Bring man back to the moon. The program outlined several stages: orbital flight, the construction of a space station near the moon, and then a crew landing on the lunar surface. The lunar exploration program is considered a phase on the path of Mars exploration.

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