Sid Meier’s confirmation of nuclear Gandhi is sadly just a myth

Sid Meier's confirmation of nuclear Gandhi is sadly just a myth

There is no story as eccentric as that of Nuclear Gandhi in all gaming lore, which tells the story of how programming turned a famous non-violent Indian leader into an aggressive fighter with a tendency for atoms. After years of trying to quote this story, Sid Meyer has finally come out and said that nuclear Gandhi is in fact the epitome of our collective imagination.

This Original story, For strangers, claims that in the original culture, Gandhi was given the lowest possible aggression rating, as corresponding to his reputation statistics. However the bug occurred when a player adopted a democracy, which automatically reduces the aggression to two. Since Gandhi is already in an aggressive rating of one and the program is unable to manage negative numbers, he will give the Indian leader an aggressive rating of 255, which is the highest in the game. From there, Gandhiji became a terrifying monster as soon as the nukes were captured.

In later games, the story claims, the programmers attacked Gandhi as an Easter egg, recalling the original story. The only problem is – none of that is true.

As Sid Meyer wrote in his memoirs Reported by Bloomberg, That there was no such mistake in the original civilization, and that the story itself is based on a false premise – although he does not enjoy the joke. “It’s one of those secrets that’s almost fun to keep a secret,” Meyer said.

This trend was reflected in a letter sent to Chris Brett, a journalist investigating the legend. Atomic Gandhi makes games for the people Last year “In some ways, it wouldn’t be best to know,” Byrne read the mayor’s letter. “Given the limited technology of the time, the original CIV was a game that was primarily in the player’s imagination … I hesitate to limit what a player can imagine by introducing many of my ideas,” he said.

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Now, the cat is out of the bag on the original story – but if you believe that nuclear Gandhi really did happen, I’m sure Sid Meyer won’t mind.

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