sim update 9. FPS drop from “massive”

 sim update 9.  FPS drop from

from thilo bear ,
As the Flight Simulator developers make clear, they are “working hard” on a patch for Sim Update 9. Among other things, the problem of “massive” FPS drops must be addressed.

SIM Update 9 released on 26th April. Had some unforeseen problems as the developers of Flight Simulator Explain in a recent blog,

SIM update causes 9 surprising problems

Despite the recent public and comparatively wide beta for Flight Simulator gameplay updates There is still scope for improvement. The developer shares the following statement:

“Thank you for your feedback since the release of SIM Update 9. We are currently working on a patch that will fix some of the issues that surfaced in the last week. We will be releasing more details and patch notes soon.” Looking forward. We thank you for your patience and your help to improve SIM step by step with us”.

In the overview list of current bugs in Flight Simulator, the point “huge fps drop” has the most votes. This issue was brought to the game by the roll-out Sim Update 9 and is “under investigation” as of now. However, it can be assumed that such a serious error will be part of the mentioned patch. Other known issues have been present since SIM Update 8, including stuttering in some ground conditions and the add-on “stuttering”.

The roadmap overview states that the team is actively working on various issues and crashes reported after the launch of SIM Update 9. For Sim Update 10, Terrain and Weather APIs, Aircraft Editor V2, and Game Rendering in a Window in DevMode are on the list. DLSS is also on the list For the next SIM update scheduled for July. It is not entirely clear when and how FSR will be incorporated into flight simulators.

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