Simonetta Somaruga: “We have invested very little in indigenous renewable energy over the past ten years” –

Simonetta Somaruga:

The announcement of the possibility of an energy shortage in Switzerland has removed the cover for the fact that renewable energy is struggling to make up for the abandonment of nuclear power. In question, a legal framework that has not allowed substantial investments in recent years, underscores Federal Counselor Simonetta Somaruga.

Concerns arose in Switzerland over the weekend, following news of a potential power outage in the country, based on estimates from the federal administration. In question, the share of indigenous renewable energy in the energy used in Switzerland is very small.

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The figures speak for themselves: about 60% of the electricity produced in Switzerland comes from hydraulic installations, compared to 33% for nuclear. Renewable energy represents just over 6%. Large scale projects in this area are struggling to develop. This is the case for wind turbines, which faced many, but not only, civil and political protests.

Geneva, for example, is developing a new solar panel technology, an attractive concept but still difficult to generalize due to many protests, but also a lack of political will, believes Christian Brunier, Director General, Geneva Industrial Services (SIG). that at 7:30

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Serious concerns arose this weekend after Switzerland announced a potential power shortage, which should lead to the development of renewable energy / 19:30 / 2 min. / today 19:30

very little investment

“It is a fact: over the past ten years, we have invested very little in indigenous renewable energy in our country. We have relied heavily on imports”, acknowledged Monday evening federal councilor Simonetta Somaruga, in charge of energy.

The head of DETEC explains that investing in renewable energy was one of his priorities when he took over the reins of his department in 2019. “I immediately drafted a law that plans to invest a lot of money. More in renewable energy in our country,” she explained.

“Parliament adopted the first part of this law, and it should discuss the second part, in which one specifically predates storage for winter and strategic reserves”, he continues. Thus, thanks to this legislation, “we will be very well prepared to invest in renewable energy,” said the socialist.

gas as a last resort

Part of the solution could also come from biogas in addition to solar power. But here too, the development of these power plants is stalled not because of lack of subsidies but also because of neighborhood protests.

However, “when we talk about gas when we talk about climate, it should be a last resort. If we really have nothing else, of course gas is a possibility”, Judge Simonetta Somaruga , which also point out that different methods of production and use still need to be studied.

Nuclear power doesn’t make companies a dream

Finally, while nuclear power is making a comeback in some European countries, mainly in France, Simonetta Somaruga is tempering. “I see political announcements in many countries, but no concrete projects,” she smiles.

The Federal Councilor explains that he mentioned nuclear power during his discussions with Swiss players in the power sector. “So far I have not seen any company that has agreed to invest in nuclear power in our country,” she said.

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Nuclear power is growing in several European countries, including France, which intends to invest one billion euros in atoms by 2030 / 19:30 / 1 minute. / today 19:30

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Safe nuclear power? Situation in Switzerland with Federal Counselor Simonetta Somaruga / 7:30 pm / 1 min. / today 19:30

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