Six-year-old spends Rs 11 lakh on game purchases from mother’s credit card, says “will pay back”

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George Johnson, a six-year-old boy from Wilton, Connecticut (USA), has spent nearly 16 16,000 (approximately 80 11.80 million) from his mother’s credit card on Sonic Force’s Apple App Store on his favorite video game, the iPad. Yes, six-year-old George spent more than ,000 16,000 on his mother, Jessica Johnson’s credit card when she went shopping on her iPad. According to a report in The New York Post, the six-year-old bought the game for his game, starting with the Red Ingings ((1.99) and moving to the Gold Rings at 99.99, allowing George access to new characters and more speed. , Spend hundreds of dollars at a time.

The purchase was made by a six-year-old in July and went unnoticed by Johnson (mother) until July 9, when he saw 2,500 charges (approximately Rs. 1,80,000) on his credit card. Johnson found out that Apple Paul and PayPal were withdrawing huge sums from his Chase account. He assumed it was fraud and approached the bank. “The way the charge is bundled has made it almost impossible [to figure out that] “He was told in the News York Post that he was playing a game. Unaware of his son’s expenses, Johnson claimed fraud when his bill reached 16,293.10 (Rs. 11.9999 lakh by direct conversion), but it was not until October or October that he was told. It turned out that this charge really belongs to him and for that he needs to contact Apple Pal.

After reaching out to Apple Pal, she realized that it was her six-year-old who went out to spend on her favorite iPad game. The New York Post reports that she went through a buried list of all charges. “You wouldn’t know how to do that [find] He does it without directing you. Johnson was quoted as saying that Apple would not be able to help him if he was not contacted within 60 days of the allegations. The above is an allegation of fraud.

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The woman admitted that she had not applied any preventive settings to her account because she did not know about them. “Obviously, if I had known there was an arrangement, I wouldn’t have allowed my 6-year-old to run around 20,000 20,000 for virtual gold rings,” she said in the report. When confronted by his mother, six-year-old George said, “Well, I’ll give you the money, Mom.”

However, Jessica Apple blames Paul and game designers. He says these games are designed for kids to become hunters and buy things. Blaming Apple Pal, he said his son doesn’t understand money. “How can he do that? He’s playing a cartoon game in a world that he knows isn’t real. Why would money be real to him? He’ll need a big cognitive leap.”


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