Sixth Generation Networks..A Coming Revolution That Will Make Science Fiction a Reality. Technology

With the rapid proliferation of 5G networks in many countries, as it is expected to become the dominant network in the world by early 2023 next year, scientists are currently looking at and researching the next generation of networks, that is, the sixth generation. ‘s network. It is expected to start commercial operations in early 2030.

Perhaps what drives research into sixth-generation networks is China’s precedence in the United States in particular, and the adoption of fifth-generation networks in Western countries in general and controlling their spread. China has been able to achieve a broad global following over the years. The spread of its fifth-generation network due to its competitive prices and capabilities is a communication success compared to previous generations of the network, but the United States may have an opportunity to return to competition in Internet communications through the development of sixth-generation networks. Is. ,

Unprecedented speed in history

Compared with 5G networks, 6G networks will increase data transmission rates by more than 100 times to 1 terabyte per second or more, and response times for 6G networks will be less than 100 microseconds (0.1 milliamps per second), which is the response. One-tenth of the time to fifth-generation networks, sixth-generation networks outperform fifth-generation networks in terms of peak rates and delays, traffic density, connection density and mobility, and positioning capabilities, as well as much wider network coverage. Huh. as I mentioned Forum In a recent report, RCRwireless.

All these features enable the smart devices connected to this network to transfer huge amount of data to the required location at the required time at record speed. In this context, sixth generation networks will need to modify and align the services they provide. Meet essential demands, transfer valuable data and interact with users.

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The logo of 5G technology and telecommunications company Vodafone is pictured at Vodafone's 5G Mobility Lab on November 27, 2018 in Aldenhoven, Germany.  The picture was taken on November 27, 2018.  REUTERS/Thilo SchmuelgenChina has precedence over the United States in accelerating research into sixth-generation networks, in particular, and in Western countries in general in adopting fifth-generation networks (Reuters).

To meet these requirements, researchers at the US Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recently presented a theory they dubbed .mailbox theory(Mailbox theory), and in this theory he stated that the coming sixth generation network would have the following characteristics:

distributed intelligent network

Smart applications will be embedded in the 6G network and broadcast across the network, so that it is intelligent, managed and controlled, and the network will be able to transmit, store and analyze massive amounts of data, providing personalized access anytime and anywhere.

active network

It will be an interactive personal network focused on demand. Users will select network functions to schedule resources when requested or required. In addition, the network will be adjusted in real time according to changes in user demand. Such a design requires artificial intelligence to adjust the network while protecting personal data.

transfer necessary knowledge

Compared to traditional telecommunications networks, 6G will greatly reduce unnecessary transmissions and better ensure semantic extraction and transmission, rather than sending large amounts of irrelevant information that confuse and distract users.

In addition, sixth generation networks will lead to a connected world in a comprehensive and integrated manner with the integration of wireless and satellite communications, which can achieve global coverage through the integration of communication via satellite, which means A world that is far from permanently disconnected. which was happening over generations. previous network.

Science fiction becomes reality

وحسب Forum “TechWireia”, the sixth generation network technology, will help the Fourth Industrial Revolution reach its climax in the next decade, due to the high speed in transmitting data and information and its wide bandwidth, applications such as the Internet. Things that require the connection of a large number of networked devices, flying taxis, human brains directly connected to the Internet, as well as holograms (real-time holograms) will all become very common in our lives. In fact, with sixth generation networks, what was once science fiction will become a tangible and natural reality in our lives and even become essential to our civilization and ways of living, such as the Internet and Electricity networks are now.

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