Slack introduces new messaging functionality – and eliminates it right away

Slack introduces new messaging functionality - and eliminates it right away

A new function that enabled Slack users to write to new recipients by email disappeared almost immediately in its original form. The function should make it possible to address and invite people via email. You can leave a personal text. Of course, the region has offered a lot of potential for abuse.

At risk According to The ledge Many users reported. As a result, Slack pushed the ceremony back, at least in part, the day after his appearance. First, with “Connect DM (for direct messaging)” it may be possible to send a direct message to each person – and invite new recipients via e-mail. These mails originated from a common slack address and therefore could not be blocked at the same time without all messages being blocked from the service. Great potential for permanent fire and spam.

In the now modified version of the function, there is no possibility of sending individual messages. Instead, there is a general indication that a person wants to exchange messages with you. “Slack places security features and administrative controls at the core of the value the service has for individual users and businesses,” said Jonathan Prince, vice president of communications and policy for Slack.

The slack has seen strong growth in the epidemic and associated domestic operations. However, it remains at the same time with high losses. Revenue has increased 43 percent over the previous year in 2020, while the company announced in early March. However, for the full year, Slack made a loss of $ 300.4 million.

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