snapchat stopped working.. snap refuses to send or receive messages

تعطل سناب شات عن العمل.. تطبيق سناب يرفض إرسال أو استقبال الرسائل

Many social networking sites have become more important than smartphones, newspapers, and news sites, and this is because they provide millions of citizens with many opportunities, including free communication with others in different countries of the world, and receiving news information from most local people. provide services. and international sites and newspapers, giving the user a place to express his hobbies and share his daily activity with family and friends, in addition to allowing him to follow his work online, as soon as any one When sites fail, the user feels isolated from the world and unable to complete his work, which is exactly what happened today, Tuesday, after one of the social media sites was hit by a global failure was expressed.

snapchat crash

According to the “Downdetector” social networking site, the Snapchat network has been down for hours, and this was confirmed by several users, though it has since spread to several countries such as Germany, the UK, the Netherlands and Canada. Was in the United States only, but the company did not disclose the cause of the defect or the date of its repair.

User Complaints About Snapchat Crashes

The site confirmed that there were a number of complaints from users after the Snapchat malfunction, most of which were related to the inability to log into the site and refusal to send or receive messages from friends, and although the malfunction occurred this morning. Snapchat was not working properly. A few days ago, this was evident in complaints from some users of the inability to open old or already suspended accounts, and it indicates that the site has been experiencing a glitch for some time and the company is alerting users to the cause. Haven’t tried to fix it or announce it.

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