Social media: Facebook, Instagram services stalled again .. sensational complaints from users that their accounts have been hacked

It has been learned that WhatsApp and Instagram services along with Facebook are suspended from 9 pm on 4th of this month. With the passage of time crores of users have been harassed by the services of these sites. In this case, Facebook made a mistake on its part.. by saying that the solution to the problem will be there soon. Services available after about seven hours brought. Also announced that everything was in order. Many doubts arose as no further information was given. However, once again the shutdown of Instagram and Facebook services has stirred up.

Account hacked…?

Instagram last night (8th of this month), of facebook Didn’t work for most. This has caused a massive stir on social media. On October 9th at 12.59pm, Instagram and Facebook announced that they were trying to resolve the issue that the service interruption was genuine. After two hours service was restored again. Even those companies have made statements. but many already hack their account Complaining that it (hacked) caused a sensation.

Doubts in the past..

The demise of Facebook and its partners alone has given rise to many speculations. However, tech experts are of the opinion that the problem could be due to the infrastructure of the internet. Services are likely to be disrupted, especially due to DNS and BJP. At this point conspiracy theorists began to propagate that this was a massive hack. In addition, former Facebook employee Francis Haugen (37) shared sensational things about the tech giant.

“Facebook is deliberately bypassing people,” she said in an interview with Six Minutes (60 Minutes). Do not sell records.

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A company named X2-Emails shared a sensational post on 22 September. It said: “This year Facebook has collected more than 1.5 billion database information from its site users. 100% of this database is email and phone numbers.” But now users are also talking about X2 email post.


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