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Fast browser payment facility can lead to identity theft and money theft. This report is published by Hi-Tech

Journalists recalled that Google Chrome and other similar browsers have a quick checkout function, when the program saves and enters user data while shopping on the Internet. The authors note the convenience of this function, but recognize that it is not completely secure: “There is a risk that your payment data will also end up in the hands of cybercriminals at some point, and examples like this before Have also happened. “

To reduce the possibility of card theft, experts recommended disabling this function. To do this, go to the Chrome browser settings on your Android smartphone and in the “Payment Methods” section, turn off the switch as opposed to the “Save and Fill Payment Data Automatically” option. Another dangerous feature was the ability of sites to check payment methods saved in the browser. To disable it, you have to go to the “Privacy and Security” section and disable the “Access to payment methods” option.

In addition, journalists recommended disabling autocomplete of card data using a hidden setting. To do this, enter the chrome: // flags value in the address bar, find the credit card autofill ablation experiment parameter, and move the switch to the idle state opposite this item.

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To enable better security on sites, it is recommended to search for and activate the security check on the Android option in the same hidden settings menu.

Previous expert ToldAndroid smartphone users are at great risk when they bypass the official Google Play store and download applications on their devices.


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