Sorry Elon Musk, but Apple was very interested in Tesla

Sorry Elon Musk, but Apple was very interested in Tesla

Tesla CEO Elon Musk claims that Tim Cook refused to attend a meeting in 2017 for the Tesla acquisition. However, there was a meeting in 2014 on Apple’s initiative to acquire Tesla, which rejected the offer.

Small war of ego in the stratosphere of Silicon Valley. While the media world finds that Apple (very) is secretly working on the development of the electric vehicle (the Titan project launched in 2014), Tesla CEO Elon Musk has made a small contribution here. .

In a tweet he said, Elon Musk claims that in 2017, Apple CEO Tim Cook refused to attend a meeting on a possible takeover of Tesla, then became embroiled in the chaotic production of the Model 3, Elon Musk says He was willing to give his “toy” for 1 / 10th of its current price.

We have to assume that Musk has selective memory. He forgets to say that the first meeting – undercover – took place in 2014 between Adrian Perika, head of mergers and acquisitions at Apple and himself. The subject of this meeting was then the acquisition of Tesla by Apple precisely (Source:San francisco gate).

However, according to Wall Street Journal At the time, Elon Musk reportedly turned down Apple’s offer. After this snub, Tim Cook decided to team up with Ford manager Steve Ford and former engineer Steve Jedisky to launch the “Titan Project”. This is what Tim Cook would have claimed then that Tesla “Get what you pay for”. If it wasn’t a declaration of war …

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Hiring war

Also, it didn’t take long to feel the first impact because according to the economic site, Apple has so far offered a welcome bonus of $ 250,000 as well as a 60% bonus. Bloomberg, For those who will join the Titan project. Thus, according to the Linkedin site, about fifty former Tesla executives would have given the Apple brand a siren song.

However, this hiring war has played out in both directions as Tesla did not pray to increase and rob Apple’s workforce.

Apparently, Apple has been doing its new recruits better since 2015, not happy at all, Elon Musk, a Silicon Valley troubleshooter, announced to the German newspaper Handelsblatt : “We enjoy calling Apple ‘Tesla Graveyard’. If you don’t drill in Tesla, you go to work at Apple. I’m not joking.”

In 2018, in this hiring war between two tech giants, Apple had no fewer than 46 former Tesla employees recruited between January and August in the same year.

Tim Cook is unlikely to be stunned by this provocative response. On the other hand, a backlash on the ground would be a good compromise for Tesla and its president.

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