Sparkasse warns against theft of online banking data

Sparkasse warns against theft of online banking data

Savings banks are warning their customers about two new types of frauds with which fraudsters want to get their hands on the login data of savings bank customers. This is how attacks work.

savings Bank

warning of two scams,
Where criminals send text messages to their potential victims. In unstressed German, short messages state that “Sparkse legalization” expires on April 27, 2022. After this a link is given which you can use to extend this validity. The website linked in this way is a phishing site, which is used by fraudsters to intercept the login data entered by you. Specifically, the gangsters ask you to enter your online banking access data, various personal data and data on your Sparkasse card.

delete this sms

And don’t tap on the link given in it.


If you have already fallen victim to this fraudulent SMS, it is essential that you contact your Sparkasse immediately and get your online banking access blocked.

SMS notifies about alleged DHL delivery/Voicemail

The second current SMS attack variant works like this: Cyber ​​gangsters send SMS pretending to be informing about a pending DHL package delivery or alternatively via voicemail. SMS will ask you to install an app on your Android smartphone or Android tablet. This app brings malicious code to your mobile device that manipulates the start of your Sparkasse app.

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As soon as you start the Sparkasse app, malicious software makes sure that instead of the Sparkasse app, several dialog windows are displayed in which you enter your name, bank code or BIC of your Sparkasse, your online banking access data (Login name / LegID) Enter. and PIN) as well as your date of birth and the number of your Sparkasse card.

Same applies here: Delete this SMS immediately and do not install this app under any circumstances. In general, you should only install apps from the relevant Apple and Google app stores and never from other download sites.

If you have already been a victim of a scam, notify Sparkasse immediately and have your online banking access blocked. You should also have your Android device cleaned of malware (or have it cleaned).


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