Special features of Whatsapp mobile app will also be available in Whatsapp web

Special features of Whatsapp mobile app will also be available in Whatsapp web

New Features of WhatsApp: Users are eagerly waiting for the new features of the instant messaging app WhatsApp. Many people use WhatsApp webm. People working on laptops are using WhatsApp web more. WhatsApp does not have some of the mobile features in the web. So many users were asking the company to provide the mobile app features in WhatsApp Web. WhatsApp company will soon add privacy feature to WhatsApp Web.

Privacy feature will be updated
According to WABetaInfo, which monitors all WhatsApp updates, the company was testing the beta version of WhatsApp Web. This feature will have a privacy feature. According to the report, the company will add features like Last Seen, Profile Photo, Info About Info and Read Receipts of the mobile app to WhatsApp Web.

You will also get these facilities
Blocked contacts will also be able to send messages in WhatsApp Web. This feature is currently in the testing phase.

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According to a report by WABetaInfo, a new feature of WhatsApp is in the works. This feature allows users to open maximum WhatsApp accounts. In the current app, users can run one account across four devices. But the multi-device feature is only available for beta users. The company will now make this feature available to all users. So chatting is going to be easy now.

WaBetaInfo reports that when the user launches WhatsApp on the main device, it will sync chat history and when the account is connected to another device, the app will download messages from the server. The special thing is that if the internet connection of the main device remains off, then WhatsApp will run in the other device.

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WhatsApp Update: New feature of WhatsApp, now chatting will be even easier!


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