Specialists unveil the final 2kg carbon fiber superbike for toddlers

Specialists unveil the final 2kg carbon fiber superbike for toddlers

This year Santa’s sacks will be lighter and that’s the same cycling-crazy parent’s wallets: Experts have just unveiled the ultimate children’s bike – a 2.1kg special hotwalk balance bike that costs. Is 999.

The expert says he took the same tech from his top performance road bike and applied it to children’s bikes: “We’ve created something that two-year-olds still dreamed of.”

“When it comes to engineering, we used the same team we trust to build bikes like the Tarmac SL7.” “We’re talking precision at every touchpoint to make the final first ride.”

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The special hotwalk carbon will be made from FACT9R carbon, used in the brand’s road bikes and MTBS.

Special hotwalk

It’s not just the frame that is carbon: it also has carbon forks, wheels, handlebars and seatposts. The saddle is the physical geometry of children with low-friction zones, with the grip being 38% smaller diameter handlebars specialist says “also designed to easily support the bike while resting on the ground between hot lps.”

Special hotwalk

According to experts, children deserve a bike that is lightweight, responsive and easy to maneuver. Weight, inertia and shock absorption play a factor in the quality of this unique ride. Building a bike meant that it had to rethink everything from the materials to the function: “We also made sure that the carbon wheels and rhythm light tires It was possible to have light, light weight tire casing. “

The expert says that it all started as a sketch: “If road cyclists ride carbon bikes for speed and endurance, so do children. If mounted bikers need low friction saddles for rough roads, kids do too. When the designers saw the sketch live in a carbon mold, it was clear: this ridiculously small, totally unique project was so much fun to go through. “

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Special hotwalk

When it comes to testing, experts say he has erected the bar as well: “Since no one has ever done anything like this, this was not a way to check the safety of the bike. So, like the rest of you, we’ve created a brand new test to complete the kid0 pound weight rating.

“We’ve created the ultimate first ride to kickstart the ride of a lifetime. At the end of the day, we made this for them. “

The Specialized Hotwalk only comes in one size that fits riders up to 35in / 88cm, and now up to the weight limit of 40lb / 18.1kg available.


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