Steam 2021 Game of the Year Top 10 Players Review

Steam 2021 Game of the Year Top 10 Players Review

[स्टीम / 2021 सारांश/गेम]“SteamDB,” a statistical website that has long tracked data related to various Steam platforms, recently announced a praise ranking of 2021 Steam games. Since Steam game reviews can only be written after the user has purchased the game, although you can also leave a review after purchasing a game and then give a refund, you will always have to purchase the game first. This causes Steam to “send” reviews or “scratch ratings”. Other platforms are hard to come by. Now SteamDB’s positive ratings ranking can be used as a reference for what games should be playing this year.

Many 3A masterpieces have not performed as expected this year.

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Disappointing 3A masterpiece, tops the list are all indie/skit games

SteamDB is an unofficial website that calculates various data about Steam, such as the number of games online, the history of specials, and the number of positive reviews. Recently, SteamDB has released the number of positive reviews and percentage of positive reviews of games that will be released on Steam in 2021. Since this is counted on the day it was launched on Steam, the Steam portings launched this year are also included, not all new games in 2021.

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As of December 14, 2021 there are 10,449 games on Steam; Positive ratings range from a best of 96.33% to a worst of 15.73%. Almost all the top ranking indie games or skit games on this year’s accolades list are; Number one is Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS), which has a favorable rating of 96.3% from over 70,000 reviews. The famous clicker game “Cookie Clicker” is also ranked 5th with 95.6% of the nearly 26,000 reviews.

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The game with the most positive reviews is “Valhem”, with nearly 300,000 positive reviews, and a positive review rate as high as 94.7%, ranking 13th in terms of positive reviews. About 95% of the hundreds of thousands of reviews are positive, indicating that the game is widely recognized.

For “It Takes Two” TGA Game of the Year, it is ranked 20th with a positive rate of 94.5% from nearly 60,000 reviews. Although ranking 20 looks a bit low, it is actually only 2% lower than first place in terms of positive rate. The 94.5% positive rate is already an excellent number.

In contrast, the performance of many 3A masterpieces this year was not satisfactory. EA’s DICE studio new act “Battlefield 2042” was ranked 10234 with a 33.3% positive rate; Konami’s “eFootball 2022” received a 15.7% positive rate. ranked first in the bottom. Out of 10,000 games on Steam in 2021. The highest ranking in 3A Masterpiece is Resident Evil 8, which is ranked 24th with a positive rating of 94.25%.

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