Steam Next Fest helped drive multiple sales of demoted games
Steam Next Fest is an effective marketing event for various indie developers.

Since its introduction, Steam has had a major problem that Valve is still trying to fix, namely “discoverability”. This problem makes many games that appear on the Steam home page not to suit every gamer’s taste.

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Valve has provided a variety of ways to solve this problem, from using AI to read and record game players specifying what they play and watch.

It looks like they’ve put a new method into an event called “Steam Next Fest”, an event where players can directly taste the games it will be showing from tomorrow onwards in 2020, called the Steam Game Festival.

This method seems to have greatly helped the sales of new games that offer demos at the event. tell in valve blog That helps with sales and wishlisting of games on Steam Next Fest display.

developer half life The actor also admitted that the event’s original purpose was to address the “discoverability” problem that Steam had been debating for years. Valve noted that the wish list had increased by at least 421% every day during the event.

Half the games are shown in demo form where there is a jump of 45%. Interestingly, the wish list level was falling in only 5% of the performance games.

What’s more, Valve acknowledges that the visible game wishlist will continue until the event ends. They also noted that the average wish list increased more than three weeks after the event.

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Wishlists were also recorded as converting 292% of game sales when the event was specifically for games that could be purchased immediately.

Valve explained that player interest has increased since the Steam Next Fest event was held. He gave an example with data mentioning that there was an increase in wish list through the comparison of 2020 and 2021.

Steam Next Fest will continue every year, with Valve hosting it twice this year and will do so again on October 1-7, 2021. Developers who wish to participate have until August 15, 2021.

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