Steam: Unreal Engine benchmarks sweat the graphics card

Steam: Unreal Engine benchmarks sweat the graphics card

from thilo bear ,
The EzBench benchmark uses Unreal Engine 5 to find the current graphics card attractive. Benchmark was released on Steam for free and the PCGHX community is already benching.

PCGH is the one on the extreme forums New Community Benchmark, which uses Unreal Engine 5 as the technical base. Free EzBench benchmarks are used, available from May 13th, 2022 Available for free on Steam,

ezbench benchmark

EzBench Benchmark is described as a “next generation graphics benchmarking tool”. You should be able to test your own gaming PC with “8K textures, assets and ray tracing in cinema quality”. Computers should be “guaranteed to sweat”. As mentioned, Unreal Engine 5 is used. Manufacturers value the fact that the equipment represents “stress tested and worst-case scenarios.” You should expect higher frame rates for optimized games.

A graphics card with at least 8 GiB of video memory is “strongly” recommended, but this alone will not guarantee smooth frame rates. The books have at least 16GB of RAM, 25GB of space, a GTX 1080, and an Intel CPU of the seventh-core series. 32GiB of RAM, an Intel CPU of 10th core generation and an RTX 3000 are recommended. “This test is a challenge for every PC,” according to the developers. While this test also runs on lower-end systems, “it will make your RTX 3090 sweat”.

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If you look at the feedback in the forum, this assessment is probably not entirely wrong. The RTX 3080 isn’t enough to get a reasonable frame rate in UHD. The benchmark does not give much importance to the CPU cores and almost fills the graphics memory of the graphics card during the run. After a few runs and changing the graphics settings from “Extreme” to “Normal”, the benchmark starts to stutter, which is why you should restart EzBench benchmarks from time to time. How many fps do you get with this? Use and Join Our Community Benchmark Thread,


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