Stiftung Warentest has a clear opinion

Stiftung Warentest has a clear opinion

One thing is clear: today we usually have the best navigation systems in our trouser pockets, whether it’s an iPhone or an Android cell phone. But which navigation app for smartphones is really so good that it has convinced professional testers? Stiftung Warentest has a clear opinion on solutions from Google, Apple and Co.

Already in the summer of last year (issue 08/2021) Stitching Warrentest One range of navigation apps For the chest (source: Stitching Warrentest) There are paid offers as well as free offers for this Android and Apple’s iPhone (iOS). Who were convinced, who failed? After six months, the results have not lost their significance.

Stiftung Warentest Picks the Best Navigation Apps for Android and iPhone

In practice, the respective apps were installed on the OnePlus 7T and iPhone 11. Both apps that access offline maps and related content online were tested. Positive: there really are no real losersBecause almost all the apps give good result. The only exception is OsmAnd’s navigation app: it costs 8 euros per year and then only gets a satisfactory rating of 2.7. All other test participants give better results across the board.

1.9 on Android. wins with a score of but not about Google Mapbut just before the chargeable tomtom go navigation, The biggest advantage of TomTom is the core discipline, that is, the navigation itself. No other app can match it. Although TomTom is at a loss when it comes to handling it, Google Maps again takes hold and ends up in second place with a rating of 2.0.

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The irony is that Google Maps wins on the iPhone

Curiously, it turns out Feather iPhone under iOS slightly different picture, because neither TomTom Go Navigation nor Apple’s own Maps app win the gold medal. she goes with a Score of 1.9 on Google Maps And all this on an Apple cell phone. Apple (Maps), Sygic (GPS navigation) and TomTom (Go Navigation) share a good rating of 2.0 in second place.

We show you a great trick for Google Maps for Android users.m following video,

By the way: Waze’s very popular “join-in navigation app”, with which users can, among other things, manually broadcast additional traffic information, ends up in good midfield – both for a rating of 2.2 on Android Enough and iOS.

still interesting to see data consumption of online solutions, They differ greatly on this point. If you want to save data volume with mobile phone provider, you should pay attention to this. The following values ​​were determined by the Stiftung Warrentest during a city drive of 11.5 km.

  • Google Map: 7.0 MB (Android), 9.9 MB (iOS)
  • Apple Maps: 5.3 MB (iOS)
  • Waze: 5.4 MB (Android), 2.2 MB (iOS)
  • TomTom Amigo: 17.2MB (Android), 29.1MB (iOS)

TomTom’s free online navigation is particularly effective, while apps from Apple and Waze prove particularly affordable. Incidentally, when it comes to battery life all is clear, with all the apps rated very well and displaying a similarly high level of stamina.


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