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I want to remindsuper mario 64Isuper mario 64) Play? Now you can directly open the webpage, you can experience directly”super mario 64 web version“. Nintendo first launched a 3D version of “Super Mario 64” on the N64 platform in 1996. Whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, Android, Xbox, Mac or Windows computer, open the Safari, Chrome or Edge browser directly. You can play If you want to reminisce about the super classic Mario game, you should not miss this web version of Super Mario 64.

Web Version of “Super Mario 64” Game Not Launched by Nintendo, But From a Developer Who Loves Mario Super Mario 64 Decomp Project An open source project for research and development, the game content is exactly the same as the original Super Mario 64 game using fully 3D graphics games on the N64 platform, as long as mobile phone, tablet, computer or Xbox game. The console browser opens. , You can play it as you like, and I will teach you to play below. Super Mario 64 Games:

computer to play super mario 64 web version teaching

If you want to play Super Mario 64 game on computer version of Windows and macOS, you don’t need to download any emulator or plug-in, just “Open”super mario 64 web version“you can play.

When you open it for the first time, you’ll see the keyboard control details block at the top. Simply move the mouse to the top right corner and scroll down to see the Super Mario 64 game fill the entire screen.

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computer to play super mario 64 web version teaching

The computer version can be operated directly through the keyboard, by using the “arrow keys” to control the direction, “C key” to confirm and hit, “X key” to jump, “Q”. Key” is to change angle to view, and “Enter” key to start.

Isuper mario 64 web version“The game supports automatic storage. As long as the browser does not clear the temporary storage or the game is in incognito mode, it can be stored automatically. For gameplay, there is no need to introduce more. Various Collect stars through the levels and defeat Kuba in different worlds.

computer teaching super mario 64 web version 1

Android, iPhone/iPad Play Super Mario 64 Mobile Version Teaching

If you want to play on iPhone, iPad or Android phone, “super mario 64 web version“For games, you need to match the game handle, whether you use a PS4 handle, a PS5 handle, an Xbox Series S, or support an MFi game handle, with the device before you can control it. first pair.

Android, iPhone/iPad Play Super Mario 64 Mobile Version Teaching

The Super Mario 64 game can be played directly through the handle without any delay, and the various controls are also very real-time. Since there are no virtual buttons on the web, it cannot be operated directly by touch on the screen.

Android, iPhone/iPad Play Super Mario 64 Mobile Version Lesson 1

For the iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile version of the web page, you’ll need to hold the device horizontally and drag down from the top right corner to “super mario 64 web version“Fill the whole screen.

Android, iPhone/iPad Play Super Mario 64 Mobile Version Learning 2


The “Super Mario 64” web version of the game is also very rich in gameplay, you need to collect 120 stars, coins and bosses, allowing Super Mario players to experience the classic Super Mario 64 game directly through the browser. enough for.

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