Technician Receives Lease Procope Women’s Award –

Technician Receives Lease Procope Women's Award -


Liese Prokop was awarded the Women’s Prize in Baden on Wednesday evening. The main prize, worth 10,000 euros, went to technician Hannah Gansh. Eleven other women were recognized in the fields of arts, technology, social affairs and business.

After completing her studies at the IMC University of Applied Sciences in Krems, young engineer Hanna Gans started her own business and developed the so-called milling machine. Behind this is an eco-friendly drive system similar to that used in a tiller.

That means: The Fraserinator basically works like a snow blower—but thanks to a new technology, it can move not only snow, but wood chips, corn, silage, compost, sand and more e.g. can move bulk material. It also saves energy, he says.

Gansch Receives “Extraordinary Things” and Is a “Role Model”

She achieves extraordinary things in her field of activity and is a great role model, according to State Counselor Kristian Teschel-Hofmeister (ÖVP) at the awards ceremony. In addition to Gaines, eleven other women were also honored for their achievements, and the jury also awarded two special prizes.

Lise Prokop Women’s Award in the Category Arts, Culture and Media Received: Christina Gegenbauer, Dietlind Rott and Lisa Stern. in category social and generation The Lise Prokop Women’s Award went to Elizabeth Sinatle, Andrea Keglowitz-Ackerer and Beatrice Müllner.


Twelve women were awarded the Lise Prokop Prize on Wednesday, which was handed over by State Councilor Kristian Teschel-Hofmeister (front left).

Lise Prokop Women’s Award in the Category Science and Technology Katharina Bissett went to Hannah Gansh (main prize winner) and Katharina Crossl. in category Economy and Entrepreneurship Cornelia Deisenreiter, Nicole Steincher and Isabella Stickler received the award. in category social and generation Two special prizes of 500-500 euros were also presented to Aldina Pinjic and Valentina Riedl.

The state councilor said at the award ceremony on Wednesday that the Lise Prokop Prize was instituted in 2007 and aims to bring committed women to the front of the screen to honor and recognize their achievements.

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