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Russian authorities do not demand a complete ban on foreign Internet platforms, but they need to be forced to follow Russian laws and regulations, without which they will not be able to operate in Russia.

Foreign Internet platforms must obey Russian laws, they must be “forced” to do so, Having said Dmitry Peskov, press secretary to the president, in an interview with Argumenty i Fakty. According to him, the authorities hope that foreign social networks will not be completely banned.

He said, ‘I would like to hope that we are before this [полного запрета иностранных платформ] We will not arrive that ways will be found to resolve the conflict. Nobody wants a complete ban, it would be foolish to advocate for that. But we need to force these companies to follow their rules, ”said Peskov.

The journalist recalled an attempt to block the Telegram messenger, as well as problems with several sites, including government ones, following the announcement of the recession on Twitter.

“First of all, our experts take into account the rich experience we have. Nevertheless, technologies are advancing. Secondly, from the telegrammed story, the best conclusion is that as a result of the dialogue, it was possible to remove the issue from the agenda. Dialogue is the main thing. Some compulsory actions, reluctance to compromise, on the contrary, lead to confrontation. If you do not want to accept our rules, you cannot work with us. Any state that respects itself will allow the company to impose its conditions on it. This is impossible, ”a Kremlin spokesman replied.

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