Tele2 plans to invest 10 million euros in the latest generation mobile core network

Tele2 plans to invest 10 million euros in the latest generation mobile core network

Mobile operator SIA “Tele2” plans to begin modernization operations of the basic mobile communications network this year, with an investment of around 10 million euros, LETA told the company.

The company was informed that modernization of the core network would use technology maker Nokia’s solution, which would ensure excellent voice data transmission and call quality in 4G and 5G networks in the near future.

Valdis Vancovičs, Chairman of the Board of Tele2

“We know that at a time when many people work and study remotely, as well as shopping and services available in most digital environments, demand for mobile communications is particularly high. Last year, we first Performed many network capacity addition functions, and work on development will continue this year. To improve the performance of 2G, 3G and 4G networks, capacity of about 200 base stations will be increased and 40 new ones will be built. Jaane is an ambitious multi-year project to upgrade the core network with Nokia to improve its performance. “

Tele2 plans that the advanced core network will support and improve 4G and 5G operations, resulting in higher mobile Internet speeds and lower latency or data latency for individual customers and businesses when using mobile Internet.

Liga Worm, technical director of Tale 2

“It came to our attention [modernizētais pamattīkls] Will allow the deployment of services on a mobile network to meet the needs of the company or a group of users, such as guaranteed data download speed, latency, or simultaneous maintenance of multiple devices. In turn, the introduction of “edge computing” would mean exchanging data as much as possible for the customer, thus ensuring data transmission very close to real-time. “

In 2019, Tele2 had a turnover of 136.669 million euros, an increase of 4% from a year earlier, but the company’s profit grew 2% to 31.519 million euros. The company was incorporated in November 1995 and has a share capital of 3.486 million. The sole owner of Tele2 is the Swedish Tele2 Sverige Aktiebolag.

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