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Tesla batteries delivered in California for the first time in use data-lazy-src=

After starting a paid program for Supporting California Power Grid With Tesla Powerwall In late June, it didn’t take long for this virtual power plant (VPP) to get its first live use: On Tuesday, Tesla notified its more than 2000 participating customers via an app that a “grid load reduction The event was imminent for the next day. The distributed Tesla batteries, apparently without any problems, then contributed to the supply of electricity in California, and those who were there could make good money with their electric wall.

15 MW of power from distributed Tesla batteries

Initially only California Powerwall owners who are customers of the utility PG&E can sign up for the program, but this week the Southern California Edison area was added and basically the rest of the sunny state. according to a tracker Nearly 2200 Tesla and PG&E customers registered to participate, The theory behind it: Tesla controls many smaller batteries like a large battery thus creating a virtual power plant that provides power for the entire network when needed. When it is accessed, participants receive $2 per kilowatt hour.

The first real use began at 5 a.m. on Wednesday, with electric wall batteries being charged as much as possible with mains and home solar power, as YouTuber Mahkus later reported. Online submission started from 6 pm onwards. Meanwhile, in the Tesla app, you can track how many Powerwall families were involved and what they contributed. The video shows a peak of 2344 participants, and Mahkuss reports up to 15 megawatts of combined power supplied.

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His own home has a photovoltaic system and three electric walls, but he could only be charged up to 75 percent before the call began. When grid support began, they shared 17 kW of power for other PG&E customers. As a result, the YouTuber’s Power Wall didn’t last until the intended end of the feed at 9 p.m. However, in a diagram on the VPP tracker, it can be seen that the other Tesla batteries were still contributing about 3 MW until just before the end (see picture above).

Successful premiere of Powerwall Power Plant

In this regard, the premiere of Distributed power plant from Tesla Powerwall in California Maybe it was successful. Mahkuss reports that participation meant no loss of comfort for him, and his own household supplies were not affected. He only wished for improvements to the display in the Tesla app: It’s hard to see here how much power the company’s own electric walls would have provided in total. According to an esports graphic, it was 24 kilowatt hours for him, which would mean paying $48. However, another participant pointed out on Twitter that he initially made only $10 with 4 Powerwalls without explaining the reasons.


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