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Tesla CEO Elon Musk – at least temporarily – has become more modest: in late 2021 he said it was likely To reach level 4 of autonomous driving with autopilot system this year, so in confined areas without human supervision. In May he said that beta testing with software FSD would be expanded to about 1 million participants by the end of 2022, but so far it is only a support system. It should be widely published at least in the United States by then, with Musk further restricting it in August. And Tesla could at least achieve this goal, because the number of participants in the next FSD version should increase significantly.

Tesla tested 80 safety points

Beta testing has been underway in the United States since October 2020 and, according to Tesla, now has around 100,000 participants in North America after several new FSD versions. version 10.69, First declared by Musk as a success like few others, initially only went to a very small number of beta testers, but with 10.69.2 it probably reached most of them over the past weekend. As is accustomed now, some Tesla drivers expressed enthusiasm about it, while others reported the dreaded bug continued.

In this regard, not much has changed, but Musk still wants to take it to the next level: after the release of FSD, beta testing will be increased to security scores above 80 points, he announced on Twitter. Thursday. This assessment of driving safety based on several factors Tesla introduced as entry criteria for FSD testers in September 2021, Apart from a select few customers, only those who have achieved a maximum number of around 100 points are admitted.

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With the opening at the very bottom, the number of participants should be quite high. According to the Tesla boss, still needs a little polish and should be released in a few days. Version 10.69.3 then the second AI should come soon after the day, Which Tesla has scheduled for the end of September, However, if you have reached the required security score, you are not automatically included in beta testing. It was initially unclear whether this should change with the next FSD versions.

Widespread FSD Distribution Coming to the United States

It is also unclear how many new testers will be eligible for beta participation as a result of the lower requirements. Musk’s followers on Twitter threw out an additional 100,000-150,000 Tesla owners, but received no response. In addition to substantial points, participating in the FSD test also required the Autopilot option of the same name, which now costs $15,000 in the United States, and even only 15 percent of Tesla buyers have opted for it. .

in August Tesla announces production of its 3 millionth electric car worldwide, If about a third of that lives in North America, there will be a million Teslas, and the FSD rate, which used to be quite high, may average 30 percent. This resulted in approximately 300,000 Tesla electric cars in North America with the FSD option. That’s clearly not enough to reach 1 million beta testers by the end of 2022, and there was nothing to suggest that it would be launched on other continents any time soon. But the goal of a wider US FSD release later this year, which Musk mentioned during a visit to Norway, is drawing to a close.

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