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What exactly does Tesla CEO Elon Musk do? This question is usually easy to answer because he usually updates the world about his life and work on Twitter, and also has an account that tracks the movements of the SpaceX aircraft used by Musk. but now was Tesla CEO has no Twitter activity since June 22, and the Gulfstream jet is apparently not relocated after two days. Fans and observers are already starting to worry — but Musk will be traveling in Europe for a week with another machine.

Musk plane on the way to Rome

The most recent documented encounter with a Tesla boss was on June 25. According to him, journalist Jonah Crider had visited him on Saturday at the Gigafactory in Texas for an interview. At this point, Musk was in an unusual three-day silence on Twitter. June 28 was his birthday, but neither his mother’s public congratulations nor the action by fans with a joint Tesla light show could break his silence.

It remained like this till this Friday. Tesla boss’s Twitter break lasted longer than in October 2017 The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday. But early Friday there was at least news from Musk’s plane in German time: the Gulfstream jet had taken off from Austin and was on its way to Rome, explained student Jack Sweeney, who posted on this and other machines on his own Twitter accounts. monitors with.

With the machine on for a week, Musk could spend the last few days of June, including his birthday, in no time to tweet at the latest Tesla factory, and has now moved to Italy for a short vacation or business. However, Jet Observer Sweeney had a different interpretation: according to his assumption, Musk is probably already in Italy or Europe, perhaps with his brother Kimbal. It emerges from the flights of another machine, which it Twitter handle @KimbalJet has given.

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actually it is Elon Musk’s plane observation on Twitter is a thorn in his side, as he first told Sweeney at the beginning of the year and then went public. According to the student, he even tried to anonymize the data from the SpaceX Gulfstream machine, but it was unsuccessful. So the Tesla boss, whose Twitter silence speaks to a growing need for privacy anyway, could have used another plane to cover his European flights. According to @KimbalJet, the plane landed in New Jersey on June 24 and in Munich two days later. The same day we went to Rome, two days later to Nice, and by Friday the final destination was Genoa on Wednesday.

Tesla bosses may seek privacy

If the assumption is correct that the Tesla boss was aboard these flights, it looks like he’s considered himself a trip to Europe for his 51st birthday, rather than the one at home in Texas. Last day of tough second trimester to help. Like long Twitter hiatus, that would be something you’re not used to seeing from him. The silence on social media was taken as a sign that Musk’s proposed Twitter acquisition was nearing completion. But with new information about the Brother plane, it could mean that the owners of Tesla, SpaceX and others want some time to themselves.


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