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It is slowly becoming a trend, and even its involuntary promoters are aware of it, and are trying to make the best of it. Good This is what Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in changing formulation since 2015 predicts that his company will soon solve the technical problem of autonomous driving – but the achievement of this goal will have to be postponed even further in the future. Even when Musk confirmed in a telephone conference in July that this year would indeed happen, he was a little bummed. At the Tesla shareholders meeting on Thursday evening, he talked about the topic again — and had a laugh when he repeated the announcement.

Tesla boss ends oath with laughter

His Delightful performance in front of enthusiastic audience at new Gigafactory in Texas Musk spoke about the high free cash flow achieved by Tesla in recent quarters, among other things. But it could be many times more once the problem of autonomous driving is solved, he explained. You can calculate the result and it’s downright “crazy”, but it could become reality.

Musk then paused briefly and began to deviate from his plan for the speech: “I swear, this year…” He began with a raised finger (see photo above) and a false voice, and Then broke this sentence with a laugh. To shout from the audience. Strictly speaking, they have announced from the end of 2021 and this June, That 2022 will be the year of the autonomy problem solved at Tesla, i.e. not completely repeated. Nevertheless, it became clear that the goal still applies.

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More specifically, Musk reported significant advances in the FSD beta software, which aims to become intelligent enough to drive safer than a human. So far, the tests have only been conducted in North America, and according to Tesla, there are currently 100,000 participants waiting for the new version 10.13. It is actually getting so much better that it should be given version number 10.69 instead, Musk said, alluding to number 69. 420 with special meaning in the world of Tesla Is.

New FSD Version Coming With “Chuck’s Turn”

The improvements will primarily be related to complicated left turns, he explained. Now in these maneuvers Nicknamed “Chucks Turn” after Tesla customer Get one that tests them consistently. Musk said that by now they would be almost 100 percent successful. The next FSD version will probably be available next week, he explained, and then joined the audience to laugh about it. Meanwhile, neither he nor his shareholders are taking the Tesla boss’s FSD announcements seriously. Nonetheless, he reiterated a more specific prediction: “FSD testing will be widely adopted in North America later this year, meaning anyone who wants it will be included in the beta program.”


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