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The sensors for the autopilot system are clearly due for modernization. It was announced for the first time this week that Tesla Registers a High-Resolution Radar with Radio Authority FCC Which came as a surprise as CEO Elon Musk declared the technology obsolete a year ago. To be expected, but interesting nonetheless, was the report that came a little later: Tesla is said to have ordered a slew of new cameras for its previous electric cars, as well as the Cybertruck and Semi from the Samsung subsidiary. Had given.

samsung cameras for all tesla models

Component maker Samsung Electro-Mechanics already tied up with deliveries for the Cybertruck last July. Having delivered modules for rear cameras at Tesla since 2016, he wanted to deepen the relationship, it was said at the time, and there was talk of new orders worth 370 million euros and other tenders. In August, Tesla boss Musk first confirmed that Cybertruck also gets a new autopilot computer and new cameras should meet.

Both may be supplied by Samsung subsidiaries, as the Korean company has long been mentioned as a candidate for production of a new generation of Tesla’s FSD chip. According to reports from the country, another contract for cameras from Electro-Mechanics has now been completed. Samsung is said to have almost completely outclassed local competitor LG Innotek, which has supplied most of the Tesla cameras so far, and suppliers from Taiwan. A segment was not named, but there was a total conversation in the year before that Several billion dollars and cameras for 2 million electric cars speech.

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In addition to Samsung, a Taiwanese competitor also received orders for Cybertruck in the last July round, it was reported this week. election from korea, This time, however, the company is said to have secured all orders for commercial vehicles from Tesla, including the Semi. In addition, Samsung’s camera order also includes existing Tesla models from the Model 3 to the Model X. Factories in China and Germany are to be supplied – somewhat surprising, given that the Model S and Model X are currently only produced in the USA.

New Autopilot Hardware HW4 Visionary

The Semi and Cybertruck, on the other hand, are yet to be produced, but early orders for other models could mean that Tesla won’t introduce the next generation of optical autopilot sensors with its commercial vehicles until 2023 or later. according to a Econotimes report Samsung is looking to start production of its module version 4.0 in July with a resolution of 5 million pixels, which enables images to be up to five times sharper than its predecessor. According to Tesla CEO Musk, today’s Autopilot hardware will already be enough to run the company’s own FSD software two to three times as safely as a human. With the next generation HW4, possibly consisting of better computers such as cameras (and possibly newly registered radar), the system should be four times more powerful.


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