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If someone else had written this, the defenders’ outcry would have come as no surprise, but Elon Musk is certainly allowed to do so: Tesla “blows up the production ramp-up for the refreshed Model X (“Ball the ball badly). kind of dropped”), the CEO said in a self-critical statement on Twitter in a mood Thursday. Furthermore, it was “foolish” to halt production of the previous model in December 2020, although it was still in great demand.

Musk self-criticism after follower criticism

The reason for this statement was that one of Musk’s close followers wrote on Twitter, contrary to what some say, Tesla fans should and should criticize the company. Feedback like this only makes products better, explained @WholeMarsBlog. But he doesn’t want to appear biased just because he doesn’t believe in conspiracy theories of TSLAQ, the loose group which collects negative material against Tesla on Twitter and elsewhere,

@WholeMarsBlog didn’t specify what theories he was referring to, but another famous Musk follower provided an example of valid criticism: the launch of the refreshed Model X (pictured above) was terrifying and communication with waiting customers Lacking for a year or more, wrote disappointing @SawyerMeritt. Tesla CEO Musk responded with self-criticism about the ramp-up of the new Model X and the early halving of the old one.

Production of the Model S and Model X ended in late 2020 amid rumors of an imminent refresh, which was confirmed in late January 2021: In the report for Q4, Tesla mentioned that two premium electric cars would be modified Some pictures of the Model S with the new plaid drive with three motors were shown. Its deliveries should start in February and Model X deliveries a little later. Ultimately, American buyers had to Wait until at least June 2021 for the new Model S and until October for the Model X, Outside of North America, where deliveries are initially expected to begin in September of that year, both are still awaited today.

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Interior Delayed Tesla Model X

In this regard, Musk didn’t say anything new when he explained now that he messed up the ramp-up of the new Model X. He didn’t go into the aspect of lack of communication – even in a case that wasn’t initially mentioned in this Twitter exchange Model S customers have already jointly complained about this point, Instead, the CEO also wrote that it was foolish to stop production of the former Model X in December 2020 as demand for it was still high.

The Tesla boss expected little, though, in terms of the refresh model’s first unsatisfactory ramp-up going forward. @SawyerMeritt thanked him for his transparency and then wanted to know when almost enough Model X could be produced to meet demand. Musk initially only had to say that this electric car was extremely difficult to build – “the most complex car ever”. Its production is currently limited by the internal design factor.


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