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tesla board model-3 model-y amd display

Most makers of other electric cars are now copying the large touchscreen between the driver and passenger seat at Tesla to the highest classes, but not the reduction that accompanied the Model 3 and Model Y at the same time. While the premium Model S and X kept the extra screen directly behind the wheel even after the early 2021 refresh, the volume Tesla has always been the only one. Now, however, there are signs that this may soon change.

Location for the “Second Demonstration” on the Tesla Board

There are differing opinions on the question of whether it is possible to stay well and safely informed without a screen in the driver’s sight. Anyone who thinks they need it will find many options in the aftermarket, but Tesla has so far shown no intention of replacing the Model 3 and Model Y in this regard. On the other hand, with the Model S and Model X, the company didn’t even use the refresh opportunity to remove the driver screen. Other than this Like other premium manufacturers, Tesla went in the direction of even moreIn this case with an extra small media display for the back seat.

And the Model 3 and Model Y may soon have at least one more screen. Tesla owner and United States connoisseur @greentheonly has now predicted this after a closer look at the media computer of a current example of one of these two electric cars. around the turn of the year Tesla switched from Intel to faster AMD processors, And as @greentheonly noticed, there is an unused connector labeled “second display” on the board (see photo above).

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The initial idea, often expressed, was that Tesla would now use the same board for all four models. But as @greentheonly patiently explained almost often, this is not possible because the Model S and Model S require three DisplayPorts (and actually have four of them). So he took the innovation as a sign that second screens for the Model 3 and Model Y were being produced with processor changes. It was similar to the Model Y with an initially unused USB3 slot on the board.

Same interface from Model 3 to Model X

It was not initially clear whether the second display in the Model 3 and Model Y would inform the driver or entertain the rear seat passengers. The cockpit version would mean a departure from the reduction in interior space already built into Tesla. But as you can see from the Model S and Model X, it’s not consistent anyway. And the screen upgrade will also have the advantage that the Model 3 to Model X may have a similar software interface in the future. Because since the refresh of the premium Teslas, their central screen is also mounted horizontally.


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