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For example, if you’re traveling with a Tesla Model X that suddenly only accepts alternating current through one phase instead of full supercharger power, the fees for charging stations in Germany are much longer. There may be an additional problem. A while back, we paid about 90 euros for a near full charge in EnBW somewhere deep in the provinces, because we didn’t want to interrupt our emergency night’s sleep in a hotel after four hours and seeing charger problems , we preferred take as much electricity with us as you can. However, a current case in Amsterdam shows that blocking charges, which are unpopular with many electric car drivers, are justified.

Tesla Model stays on charging station for 3 weeks

The question of when charging is blocked at a public station can be debated for a long time. From the point of view of drivers in dire need of electricity, every other electric car at the station is probably a blockage, while those currently charging want to stay there for as long as necessary. Many AC providers, such as NBW, set a limit of four hours and then start charging extra per minute. In that time you don’t find one with the same Tesla Model X, which charges with alternating current of up to 16.5 kWh (if it works properly), a full battery. The Model 3 and Model Y take up to 11 kWh, with many other electric cars significantly less.

Even with the lowest charging power and biggest battery, every electric car can be charged within 24 hours. However, a Tesla driver in the Netherlands, as of Friday, is more than just this generous time. NH Nieuws reported: The same Model 3 has been plugged into a public charging station in Amsterdam for a full eight weeks, a local resident told the publication. Of course, it hasn’t been loaded for a long time. But unlike Germany, where pillar operators can add very long blocking fees to parking, most Dutch cities do not have such restrictions.

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Electric car long-term parking in the Netherlands

According to the report, the woman learned this from the community she contacted about the Tesla long-term Parker. The owner was on leave, he was told by management, otherwise it didn’t look like it was a problem. After all, Amsterdam has a large network of public electric car charging stations, he was told. Meanwhile, spiderwebs can already be seen on the sides of the Model 3, the report shows.

In fact, the misuse of charging points as parking spots is widespread in the Netherlands, as a blogger based there explained on Twitter and documented with an example photo from Amsterdam. Other local electric car drivers spoke with similar stories. One even reported plug-in hybrids like the BMW i8, which he had seen plugged in multiple times for more than 12 hours at a time. The desire for the introduction of nationwide deterrence charges was expressed several times and positive reports were received from different places and cities where they already exist. Sometimes annoying and unfair German regulation doesn’t sound so bad.


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