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tesla model-3 performance refresh

By the end of 2020, the battery situation in the Tesla Model 3 was very simple: Panasonic batteries were used in all variants, from standard to long range to performance, in production in both the United States and China. By the last quarter of the year, however, it became increasingly confusing as CATL and LG Energy Solutions were added as new suppliers. in the meantime Tesla has 36 different battery variants, CEO Elon Musk said in mid-2021, and announced that the new variety would be cut significantly in the long term. And at least with the Model 3 from China, something really neat is being done.

Tesla Model 3 Display with LG Battery

Close observers already expected this, as in mid-March a member of the German forum Tesla Drivers and Friends (TFF) published information about a changed type approval in the European Union, according to which LG will be working with the battery. One internal as battery designated 5L. , it happened loud An overview at TFF Initially, from late 2021, the Model 3 was used in the long range, while the performance variant was powered by a Panasonic battery.

And as TFF member eVisa also reported this week, deliveries of the first Model 3 display with LG batteries have now been confirmed in Europe. It has apparently started cleaning the batteries as announced by CEO Musk. However, it is not clear at the moment whether all-electric cars of this type from China will come with the new battery from now on – Tesla had different variants for some time, sometimes in parallel with the earlier changes, called Now referred to in the forum as the “battery lottery”.

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Battery change in China doesn’t bring much change. However, it should play the role of Tesla 547 kms at the end of 2021. Range Specifications for Performance on the Model 3 Following WLTP because the 5L battery from LG Battery officially has a slightly lower usable capacity at 79 kWh than the Panasonic (designated as 3L) for which 82 kWh is specified.

Panasonic’s battery is faster on the supercharger

So if you just look at the potential, the innovation in the Tesla Model 3’s performance for Europe is a drop. TFF also has some proponents of this interpretation, but other members point out that the actual values ​​of both battery variants converge after some time (you can check this because The Model Y from China from January also used a 5L battery becomes). In addition, the LG version is said to be less temperature-sensitive than the Panasonic and lose less power when the charge level is low. On the other hand, Panasonic batteries have advantages when it comes to the Supercharger’s charging capability, but optimists are hoping for a software update soon.


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