Tesla Model S and Model X without gear selector

Tesla Model S and Model X without gear selector

Tesla has decided that the standard gearbox selector should go down in history.

Until now, directly from the Mercedes model, Tesla used the same lever that was mounted on the steering column. In newer software versions, and not only the Model S and Model X, the gear is selected from the touch screen located in the center of the dashboard, where a small area appears along the car chart on the left. Pressing the finger with the car and “pulling” it forward or backward makes a corresponding alternative to “D” or “R”.

In one of his last public demonstrations, Elon Musk told how he tried new technology and was pleased with the results. In fact, he said that if someone drove one of those cars for a few days that does not have a selector as we know it, then it would be very annoying and definitely outdated. The new reality, along with the gear ratio manipulation via an icon on the screen located in the middle of the Tesla model’s dashboard, is “problematic” for the first time. And this concern stems from the fact that we are not sure how well it will fit in a difficult environment and with many more rapid rotations, for example maneuvers in tight locations.

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