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tesla model-y zweite ladebuchse osterei

Tesla, like other software companies, has been known to sometimes hide so-called easter eggs: special functions that can only be discovered by chance or by trial and error. there are so many of them now that Tesla Can Officially Call Them Through Its Vehicles Menu has made. Now, outside of that, the Model Y has a new found – in hardware form as well. This could have a serious background to do with the opening of the approaching supercharger.

Model Y. Mirrored Charging Port

On the Model 3 and Model Y, tapping the cover on the charge port flips the car up when unlocked, and both are on the rear left. Appropriately, Tesla Supercharger columns are set up such that the short cable gets in there when you back up them. With the Supercharger network open, however, it can cause problems: If in doubt, take it Foreign electric car Tesla driver instead of a couple of charging stations Away if their connection is on the back right or the front left.

Tesla has only fully opened up its Supercharger in the Netherlands so far, but Great Britain may soon follow, and according to CEO Elon Musk, it’s planned for the whole world for the long term anyway. And with the newly minted Model Y in the United States, the company is already taking technical precautions against impending supercharger blockages: @dezmondOliver’s electric car not only has a flap and charging socket on the left, but the same on the right Is.

The owner of Tesla in California demonstrated this on Twitter on Thursday. “The biggest Tesla Easter egg I’ve ever found,” he wrote, apparently astonishing himself. In the related video, you can see that this Model Y actually has charging ports on either side, each accessible by pressing the flaps with reflectors on them. @dezmondOliver Haven’t tried whether both work or not. He speculated, perhaps jokingly, that he could now charge his Model Y on two Supercharger columns at the same time and thus achieve twice the performance.

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Tesla’s Preparation for Open Supercharger?

But even though the second port hasn’t been activated or wired yet, the finding is interesting. His Tesla may be the first with this innovation, @dezmondOliver continued, at least he hasn’t heard of anyone else. Not accidentally, the mirrored charging port may not have made it into the Model Y, so it may soon become the new standard, or it’s already in US production. For Tesla, this means additional costs, but it could ease concerns about doubling overcrowding of Superchargers by other brands’ EVs.


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