Tesla no longer has a rail change knob: as a driver you have to choose the direction of travel

Tesla no longer has a rail change knob: as a driver you have to choose the direction of travel

The handles are gone due to the minimalist aesthetics of the cabin. More and more manufacturers are dropping more and more physical buttons. Their functions are moved to touch the screen or touch buttons. Of course, not everyone likes it. Pressing a physical button is a clear and simple operation. They are easy to find without looking away from the road. But carmakers believe that minimalist aesthetics redeem those who consider many inconveniences.

However, Tesla’s rail handle has also been omitted due to the apparent lack in the driver’s role. Tesla wants to produce autonomous cars in which all people will be passengers only. For that reason, the steering wheel of the Model S and Model X has been reduced – if it is used too often, who needs a larger steering wheel? It is a way for people to use it for the cars of the future.

So Alonus Mascus says the most luxurious Tesla model updated will know which path to go. An algorithm that analyzes information from different sensors will decide what the driver wants to do. Sometimes the task will be quite simple – a car parked on the garage wall will probably not drive any further. But sometimes it will be difficult to understand where the car driver wants to drive. For example, if you want to walk down a wide street or return to a garage.

In other words, the driver needs to be able to choose the direction of travel. It was previously announced that there would be a button on the center console for this. However, Tesla doesn’t like the buttons – and this feature has been moved to the center screen.

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Tesla drivers have different views on this innovation. Some feel that this will not be a problem. Others say that Tesla is solving a problem that does not exist. The physical buttons, knobs and levers are comfortable, easy to find by hand, and reliable – do you really need to deliver them?


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