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After initially postponed for six weeks, Tesla’s second information program on the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) is scheduled for the end of September. The company primarily created it for recruitment and it is known as AI Day. This week CEO Elon Musk Has Already Hinted at TwitterThat there will be some news, and both the date and the assumption have been confirmed: Tesla sent out invitations for its second AI Day and listed a number of topics that should be reported there.

Expected bot prototype at Tesla Day

A time is not yet mentioned in the invitation, which has been published several times on Twitter, with only Palo Alto as the location, and the day is still September 30. Anyone who receives such e-mail from Tesla and wishes to participate should click on the link contained therein at least two days in advance. Further details to follow. Tickets are not transferable and are valid for one person only, but are pre-decided as per the invitation.

Earlier, the day’s topics are briefly listed: In Palo Alto you can find out about the “latest developments in artificial intelligence including full self-driving, Tesla bots, dojos and more” at Tesla. The attached “more” garnered particular interest on Twitter, which seems like a surprise prospect at Second AI Day.

in first edition Just a Year Ago, the Tesla Robot Was a Surprise, Now it is firmly announced as a bot in the invitation – and in all likelihood will be shown as a prototype, as CEO Musk justified the postponement with these plans. Dojo stands for a chip and the supercomputer it consists of, which was widely reported last August. In the end, full self-driving with capital letters shouldn’t mean autonomous driving for a while, but should be news about Tesla’s so-called Autopilot software with the abbreviation FSDWhich is currently in increasing beta testing.

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Musk’s Deadline for AI and Autopilot Team

CEO Musk hinted at a similarly broader program earlier this week. Tesla’s AI and Autopilot team is currently working on two convenience features for Optimus (sometimes called a robot) and FSD, and the deadline for them is by the end of the month, he wrote on Twitter. In the rest of the week leading up to the next big Tesla day, there’s still plenty of employees to do — especially when the invitation announced the mysterious “more.”


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